The partnership between Threshold Sports & Scimitar offers a number of benefits, including the introduction of sustainable merchandise.

Our 2022 technical t-shirts are each made with six recycled plastic bottles, saved from landfill and ocean waste.


Why is this important? Every single minute, it’s estimated that one million plastic bottles are sold globally.

That’s where we come in with the use of rPET in our custom sportswear.


rPET is the short name for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (or recycled polyester). It’s created by a factory process of cleaning, shredding and yarning plastic bottles into a workable fabric.

Our recycled sportswear is no different from that of traditional polyester.

Thoroughly filtered and cleaned at the point of origin, the recycled yarn is virtually indistinguishable from that of virgin polyester. It maintains the same properties, which means our t-shirts remain vibrant and last for longer.


Our tops are the same standard you‘d expect from premium retail running shirts.

But how does it work?